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Menu of The Week


Proteins (4 oz )

No Keto Protein Substitutes

Cajun Shrimp & Baby Scallop Scampi

(limit 3 per order)

(C:0g/ P:21g/ F:3g/ Cal:110 )

Roasted Chicken

(C:2g/ P:21g/ F:3g/ Cal:150 )

Tuscan Salmon Bowl 

(includes pasta, no sub)

(C:0g/ P:36 g/ F:1 g/ Cal:110)


 BBQ Turkey Meatballs

(C:12g/ P:19 g/ F:4 g/ Cal:119)

Carbs (4oz)

 Brown & Wild Rice 

(C:20.g/ P:4 g/ F:2 g/ Cal:111)

White Rice Rice

(C:20.g/ P:4 g/ F:2 g/ Cal:111)


(C:20.g/ P:4 g/ F:2 g/ Cal:115)

Vegetables (4 oz)

Green Beans

(C:8 g/ P:3 g/ F:0 g/ Cal:40 )


(C:3.5 g/ P:1 g/ F:3 g/ Cal:26 )


(C:13 g/ P:5 g/ F:0 g/ Cal:35)

Entree, Soup, & Salad

12 oz ( must request)

Shrimp Greek Pasta w/ Feta

(C:22g/ P:25 g/ F:16g/ Cal:280 )

Chicken Capellini and Asiago

(C:24g/ P:16 g/ F:24g/ Cal:400 )


Vegan BBQ Chick'n

(C:40g/ P:19g/ F:6.g/ Cal:280 )

Vegan Meatballs w/ Marinara

(C:4g/ P:15.7g/ F:3g/ Cal:200 )

Vegan Fiesta Ground Beef

(C:4g/ P:15.7g/ F:3g/ Cal:200 )

Vegan Black Pepper Shrimp

(C:0g/ P:36 g/ F:1 g/ Cal:388)

Keto Substitutes

Turkey Meatballs

(C:1g/ P:23g/ F:27g/ Cal:190 )

Cajun Salmon 

(C:12g/ P:19 g/ F:4 g/ Cal:119)

Carne Asada

(C:4g/ P:19 g/ F:4 g/ Cal:144)

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